Punjab Bike Scheme New Eligibility Criteria & Registration Process July 2024

The Punjab Bike Scheme was recently unveiled by the state’s chief minister. With this project, students in Punjab are to receive 20,000 gasoline and electric bikes. On July 1, the registration period came to an end, with about 72,000 pupils submitting applications for the motorcycles.

The Punjab government revealed the names of the 20,000 lucky students who will receive bikes after an electronic balloting process. Check your eligibility from home with this easy procedure if you enrolled for the Punjab E-Bikes Scheme. You may quickly find out if you are one of the chosen twenty thousand students by completing these procedures.

Punjab Bike Scheme Registration Process

72,000 pupils applied for the bike program before registration closed on July 1. Of these, 15,000 applied for electric bikes and 57,000 for gas-powered bikes. If you applied, you can use the procedures listed below to see if your name is on the winning list.

Check Eligibility in the Punjab Bikes Scheme

To determine your eligibility, take the following actions:

  • Go to the Punjab Bike Scheme’s official website.
  • Select the option labeled “Balloting Result.”
  • You’ll see several lists; select the one that corresponds to the bike type you applied for.
  • To input your name or ID card number, use the search bar.
  • If your name or ID card number is on the list, proceed to the next step by following the instructions.

What Do After Eligibility?

If you are found to be eligible, the Bank of Punjab will review your case based on their standards. The bank can ask you for more documentation. You will receive a call or SMS with the next steps once all processes have been completed. You don’t need to be concerned. You will receive updates by phone calls or SMS if you are qualified. The official website will also provide any updates from the government.

Punjab Bike Scheme Distribution Process Start Latest Update

It is vital to remember that the Punjab government has not yet established a definite timetable for students who are eager to hear when the bike distribution will start. It is anticipated, therefore, that the distribution will begin prior to the announcement of the FY 2024–2025 budget.


The Punjab government launched a novel program called the Punjab Bike Scheme to facilitate student transportation. You can use the above-described approach to verify your eligibility if you have registered for a bike under this plan. Make sure you’re one of the fortunate kids getting a bike. Check out the official website for additional details


1. What is the Punjab Bike Scheme? 

The Punjab Bike Scheme is a government initiative launched to provide 20,000 gasoline and electric bikes to students in Punjab to facilitate their transportation needs.

2. When did the registration period for the Punjab Bike Scheme end?

 The registration period ended on July 1, 2024.

3. How many students applied for the Punjab Bike Scheme? 

A total of 72,000 students applied for the scheme, with 15,000 applying for electric bikes and 57,000 for gas-powered bikes.

4. How are the recipients of the bikes selected? 

The recipients are selected through an electronic balloting process.

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