Get Loan From Kisan Card For Farmers In 2024 Latest Update

The Punjab government has launched the Kisan Card, a program for farmers who have stopped farming due to losses. The initiative provides loans without interest and aims to restore livelihoods by offering subsidies and loans. Farmers must register to receive the Kisan Card, which will ensure the provision of loans. The government also plans to provide subsidies on fertilizer spray used in agricultural land. Eligibility criteria for those eligible for the Kisan Card are set, and registration is required. The initiative aims to provide subsidies to farmers across Punjab, and those who qualify for the Kisan Card should ensure their registration.

Updates on the Kisan Card Program

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has introduced the Kisan Card, a financial aid program designed to assist the poor and provide financial benefits to farmers. The Kisan Card allows farmers to apply for subsidies on various means, equipment, and sprays. The program aims to provide financial assistance to farmers in Punjab. To join the program, farmers can check their information on their Pakistan Card and follow the easy steps provided in the article. For more information and details, readers can refer to the article on the website.

Key PointsDetails
PurposeProvides loans without interest and subsidies to restore farmers’ livelihoods.
Eligibility Criteria– Owns ≤ 12 acres of land
– Financial assets ≤ 10 lakhs
– No other bank credit
– No criminal actions
Registration Process– Visit the official website
– Provide ID card and phone number verified by NADRA
– Send ID info to 8070
Benefits– Interest-free loans
– Subsidies on fertilizers and equipment
– Financial assistance for farmers

Eligibility Criteria

To join the Kisan program, meet the eligibility criteria. You must have 12 acres of workland, be registered, have less than 10 lakhs of financial assets, have no other bank credit, have no criminal actions, and have a score of less than 50%. You will receive benefits and a Kisan card.

How To Apply In Kisan Card

To register for the Kisan scheme, visit the official website and provide your ID card number and phone number verified by NADRA. Then, open a message box on your mobile and write your ID card information. Send a message to 8070 and wait for confirmation. Farmers can also get their Kisan card online by following simple procedures. If you are not eligible, there is another method available.

Farmers must visit their nearest office to obtain a token and verify their biometrics. They must then visit the Tehsil Office to complete their application. After completing all details, farmers can obtain their Kisan Card from the Tehsil Office after their application is confirmed.


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