BISP 2024 Payment 10500 Distribution Latest Update

The Benazir Program Income Support Program (BISP) in Pakistan has undergone significant improvements to its payment system, aiming to address poverty. The government introduced the BISP program to provide financial assistance to the poor and deserving families. In January 2024, the government introduced a new payment method to enhance transparency and ensure no issues arise during payment. This change aims to improve the overall experience for beneficiaries, ensuring they receive the necessary financial support without any issues.

New Payment Of BISP

The Pakistani government has announced that deserving families will receive their installments from January 1, addressing issues with deductions. The government has taken strict measures to ensure transparency in payments, with a team selected to verify payments and take action against cheaters. The BISP program will provide full amounts to eligible individuals, and the government has taken the initiative to ensure payment distribution areas are clean and fair.

BISP 2024 Payment Distribution

New Payment MethodPayments start on January 1, 2024, ensuring transparency and full amounts to eligible families.
Chairman’s MessageDr. Robina Khalid announced payment dates; beneficiaries need to verify their information.
Required DocumentsOriginal Nadra-certified identity card, registered SIM on CNIC, household information, utility bills, monthly income certificate, disability certificate (if applicable).
Verification ProcessVisit the nearest Tehsil office with children’s bay forms and ID cards, register complaints if issues arise.

BISP Chairman’s Message About Payment

Dr. Robina Khalid, the chairman of BISP, has announced the payment date for educational scholarships. Starting from January 1, payments will begin. Those who received an SMS through 8171 need to verify their information. Those who haven’t received installments for July and October can verify their children’s bay forms and ID cards at their nearest Tehsil office after winter vacations. If they face issues withdrawing money, they can register a complaint at their nearest Tehsil office or use the helpline. The full amount will be delivered to eligible families in 2024.

Document Required For BISP Registration

To register for the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), visit the nearest office and provide your original Nadra-certified identity card, registered SIM on CNIC, a list of household information, electricity and gas bills, monthly income certificate, and a disability certificate if disabled. This opportunity is available for those who have not yet registered.


When will BISP payments start in 2024?

 Payments will begin on January 1, 2024.

How can beneficiaries verify their information? 

Verify information by visiting the nearest Tehsil office with your children’s bay forms and ID cards.

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